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Randy Spence

  Randy Spence, P.E.

Randy has over 22 years experience in utility engineering, including design and project management, with specific expertise in natural gas distribution consulting. His background and understanding leads to well managed projects that meet the client's objectives.

Cynergy's new CNG station construction is progressing nicely ahead of its Grand Opening, scheduled for 10:30 a.m. on October 29, 2014.  The ceremony will be held at Cynergy's partner site owned by Home Oil Company, located at 735 Ross Clark Circle in Dothan.  The new station will be the largest CNG station in Alabama.  Here are some pictures of the construction progress.





Construction on the state of Alabama's largest public CNG station began on July 9.  The station is expected to be completed by mid to late September 2014.  The full press release can be seen here

The House and Senate have passed a bill in Alabama that will delay taxation on natural gas as a transportation fuel until at least October 1, 2016.  In addition, the bill establishes a standard unit of measurement for the sale of CNG and LNG in both gasoline gallon equivalents (GGEs) and diesel gallon equivalents (DGEs). The bill is awaiting the Governor's signature to become law.

For the press release regarding House passage of the bill, go here

Cynergy Fuels has selected ANGI Energy Systems as the packager for its planned high capacity compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station in Dothan, Alabama. 

For the full article, go here

From the press release: "Corridor's fast-fill station will be the largest public station in the state, handling high-volume Class 5-8 trucks, along with a gorwing market of light and medium duty natural gas vehicles (NGVs).

For the full press release go here

From Transport Topics - September 9, 2013 - "The message is clear: Now is the perfect time to embrace a cleaner, cheaper American fuel — natural gas."

For the full article, go here

Savings Calculator:
# of Vehicles
Annual Mileage per Vehicle
110,000 miles
Diesel/Gasoline MPG
7.0 mpg
6.3 mpg Equiv.
Diesel/Gasoline Cost per Gallon
CNG Cost per Gallon
Expected Life of Vehicle
5 Years
Incremental Cost of Vehicles
Residual of Incremental Cost
Annual Fuel Savings: $
Net Savings: $
Fuel Cost Savings per Mile: $
Simple Payback on Incremental Cost: Years
  1. The residual value of each truck represents the value of the on-board CNG system at the end of the expected life of the truck.
  2. The simple payback on incremental costs excludes the impact of the residual value of the incremental cost.

From Trucking Info - "I think drivers and fleets will be pleased with the performance of the natural-gas-powered Cascadia 113.  It lacks for nothing compared to the diesel version, and it's even quiter.  With the increased fuel capacity and longer trips that will result from that, it's a truck I'd be very happy to spend a 14-hour day in."

For the full article, please go to Truckinginfo.com

Our Solution

We help fleet owners manage costs and control budgets. 
If you are interested in lowering your fleet's operating costs and gaining a competitive advantage while reducing your environmental impact, or if you operate a municipal fleet and would like to lower costs and improve efficiencies, we want to work with you to make CNG accessible to your operations.  

We provide the NGV fueling stations, and the CNG.
Our primary goal is to partner with you to increase the growing network of CNG fueling stations in the southeastern U.S. by building, owning and operating fueling stations for local and regional haul fleets as well as public access locations.   

We assist fleet owners, truck dealers and utilities.
Increasing accessibility to CNG is truly a team effort involving many entities. Many truck dealers are interested in offering CNG vehicles; we can help your sales force learn about fleet adaptation. We can also assist natural gas distribution companies interested in building significant non-seasonal gas load by developing stations to reach the transportation sector within their service area.

We take the time to give fleet owners clear answers.
A proper assessment of your equipment needs and fuel usage patterns is critical. We ask the right questions to arrive at the right answers. Our analysis and evaluation process is careful and thorough, allowing us to work with you to identify a logical implementation strategy of scaling station sizes with respect to your equipment replacement program. 

It all starts with our people.
Corridor Clean Fuels puts a strong team of CNG, business and transportation-industry experts to work for you. Guided by a combined 80+ years of energy and engineering industry experience, we will work hard to partner with you to fuel your organization’s goals.